Ieena for Mac Duggal

Sweet and sensational dresses adorn the Ieena for Mac Duggal collection. Dresses are sumptuous, with generous amounts of draped fabric to create full and flowing skirts. Materials such as satins, velvets and brocades are used to give your evening attire a luxurious feel. The line designed by Ieena, Mac Duggal's daughter, has a feminine feel. Some dresses are almost modest, with high necklines and cap sleeves. While there are, of course, the plunging V necklines and bare, strappy backs that are popular among prom-goers.

Another feature that makes the Ieena line stand out is a number of pantsuits suitable for prom or a formal evening out. The trend toward going to prom with friends instead of a date, and gender neutral ensembles makes the pantsuit option very popular. Find a number of pantsuit styles such as strapless, long sleeved, and even suits paired with a jacket for a complete look.

Each Mac Duggal prom dress in this collection will give its wearer an air of classy confidence. These gorgeous gowns feature classic designs, colors and styles that will both fit in and stand out in the best possible ways. Choose from gowns that feature plunging V-necklines, fashionable high necklines, halter tops and more.

These décolletage-baring cuts are paired with long sleeves, cap sleeves, spaghetti straps and sleeveless gown cuts. Opt for a fitted bodice and a full skirt with one of the A-line skirted gowns or choose a more fitted style by opting for a mermaid gown. These elegant styles are enhanced by classic colors such as black, gold, red and blue. There are also less traditional color options such as emerald green, fuchsia, burgundy and rose available.

Whether you are looking for more coverage with your prom dress, or want to bare some skin, the classic style of the Mac Duggal line designed by Ieena will give you the classic and conservative look you are hoping to achieve for prom. Many of these dresses can also be worn for formal occasions, allowing you to get more wear than just that one special night.