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You're unique, so show it by wearing a gorgeous women's tuxedo from PromHeadquarters.com to the prom or other formal affair this year. It's the glam look on Hollywood red carpets and Paris fashion runways that are grabbing headlines and fashion attention on social media. PromHeadquarters.com has all the latest looks in female tuxedo suits from top fashion design houses.  Black or White Tux?

Pattern your look and accessories after what today's hottest movie stars and entertainers are wearing. Say no to dresses and yes to tuxedo jackets and pants with white blouses or beaded bodice tops underneath. Tuxedos have been the sophisticated look that turns head since Hollywood icons like Katharine Hepburn made them all the rage. Today, you'll see Rihanna, Dakota Johnson, Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone photographed wearing chic tuxedos in black or white. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow prefer their formal tuxedos in red.

Tuxedos for women can be a perfect look for weddings, balls, prom, homecoming and the red carpet. Choose an eye-catching white, ivory or smooth cream tuxedo to make your entrance. Shop this season's beautiful women's tuxedos in cream white shades or black at PromHeadquarters.com. Accessorize with a nude heel and an off-white pocket square, and you have a look that tells the world you are not afraid of anything. Accessories designed to enhance your prom wear selection are at PromHeadquarters.com, too. So start shopping.

A black women's tuxedo is a classic. Accessories can be a little flashier with a black tux to brighten up the solid wall of black fabric. A favorite is gold or silver jewelry. Pair your choices with gold or silver high heels. To really emulate the classic tuxedo look, put on a crisp white shirt with tuxedo-style buttons and a silk bow tie.

Ultra Fit, Slim Fit and Wide: In ladies' tuxedos there are three basic fits to consider: the ultra-fit tux, the slim fit and the wide fit tux. Depending on how comfortable you feel showing off your body, each fit is designed to flatter a specific body types.

Ultra Fit Tux: Women who are petite or love displaying their curves will love this cut. The ultra-fit has a super slim, figure-hugging cut that emphasizes the wearer's natural shape.

Slim Fit Tux: To get as close as possible to the menswear tuxedo, go with a slim fit or regular fit tux. It is fitted throughout the body and just skims the curves. If you don't have a perfect figure, a slim fit tuxedo can minimize flaws while enhancing your overall look.

Wide Fit Tux: The loosest fit is found in the wide tux. This wide-fit tuxedo for women is ideal for taller women. The wide fit can create a slender profile provided the seams run all the way down without bending.