Save on Prom

Save on Prom

Posted by Prom Headquarters on Nov 16th 2018

We all know that prom can be expensive, but there are also ways that you can still look fantastic and have a good time on a budget. Don’t fret if you’ve been saving all of your pennies from your part time job! Here are some ways that you can save money on prom while still having the time of your life:

1.) Instead of going to a florist for corsages and boutonnieres, check out the grocery store floral shop and see what they have to offer. Better yet, you could DIY a corsage and boutonniere from silk flowers - super easy and you can keep them forever!

2.) Don’t have shoes? Try borrowing some from a friend, or check out discount shoes stores to find some great deals. Thrift stores and consignments shops are also a great place to hunt for shoes and accessories.

3.) If your prom isn’t serving food, think about having a few friends over for dinner before your prom so that you’re all well-fed and ready to go once it’s time to leave. Opt to all bring a dish or join in to cook together before you get ready as a fun and inexpensive alternative to eating out.

4.) Hair, nails, and makeup can all be done at home – all it takes is a little practice. Instead of throwing tons of cash into your look, try practicing different hair, nail, and makeup looks prior to the event. There is a youtube video for everything and beauty gurus for day. You can do it at home for a fraction of the cost and still look prom perfect. Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family members to help!

5.) Don’t go for the limo unless you’re splitting the cost amongst a bunch of friends. If you’re looking to arrive in style, try going with a luxury rented car (it’s cheaper than a limo), detailing your own ride, or just see if you can borrow a family member’s car for the evening.