Like the name implies, an A-line prom dress has the appearance of the letter A. It is fitted through the hips and then gradually widens toward the hem. Though the basic silhouette is always the same, the gowns can be modified with different necklines, backs and other features. A-line prom dresses are some of the most common because they're flattering on virtually any body type and help create the coveted hourglass appearance.

The name A-line was given to the popular silhouette by French designer Christian Dior in 1955. Now considered a staple in the fashion industry, the A-line silhouette is the basis for many prom looks. A-line gowns can be found in virtually any prom dress collection and some designers lean heavily toward this style because it's so versatile. A-line prom dresses are favorites for designers like Sherri Hill, Madison James and Tiffany.

If you're not sure which type of prom dress would look good on you, odds are that an A-line dress would be a smart choice. Because the design is so versatile, it's a fan-favorite for proms, pageants, weddings and more. A-line dresses can be made to mimic a variety of popular styles with the addition of lace, beadwork or other features.

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