Alyce Paris



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A dress from Alyce Paris brings you the allure of the red carpet. Whether you are making an entrance at the Academy Awards or your prom, any dress from the designer line will have you arrive in glamour and style. The Alyce Paris line is all about one-night-only glitz and glam.

Designed specifically for your super special occasion, these gowns feature statement-worthy silhouettes adorned with a sea of sequins and a ton of trend-setting elements. While the designer offers short dresses, this collection features long skirts with voluminous fabrics of many materials including sheer chiffon and simple satin. Styles include full skirts, trumpet silhouettes, fun romper cuts with sheer skirts, adventurous two-piece numbers and skirt tails with glamorous drape.

Alyce Paris offers a prom dress collection for every type of party-goer, from the sophisticated to the sassy. Expect all Alyce Paris prom dresses to honor the trend-setters eye, with unique high-neck or deep V-neck styles featuring netting or chokers for an inspired feel. Halter-style tops pair with full skirts on some styles. Bold prints offer something different in a sea of solid gowns at prom.

Dresses in this line come with a sophistication not achieved by other designers. Some styles offer safe cuts that flatter your body while other styles include daring cutouts and lace-up backs that show off your figure. In a dress from Alyce Paris, you're ready to walk the red carpet and turn every head at prom and everywhere else you venture.