3 Tip To Wearing Long La Femme Dress At Your Prom

3 Tips To Wearing Long La Femme Dresses At Your Prom

3 Tips To Wearing Long La Femme Dresses At Your Prom

Short prom dresses have undergone a recent surge in popularity, but long prom dresses, like our stunning La Femme Dresses, have always been a prom favorite. There's not too many occasions in life where a long chiffon or satin dress won't be deemed overdressed, so it's nice to be able to dress up like a regal Princess on prom night in a long La Femme dress.

Of course, you want to make sure you're wearing your La Femme prom dress the right way. Each prom dress style has its own set of style tips that really make you and your dress look so beautiful. Read on to read our La Femme dresses tips!

Height Doesn't Matter, But Your Seamstress Does
Whether you're a petite five feet tall or a statuesque 57, long La Femme dresses will look great on your body type. Their sleek style, such as this Navy Poly Chiffon Dress, works to elongate your body. The only problem? The prom dress may be a tad too long for your frame! Consult our detailed measurements, but also be sure to have a good seamstress on hand who can take our beautiful dress and trim the length of the dress a bit to fit your needs.

Let The Dress Speak For Itself
Our La Femme dresses are so delightfully dazzling, so you can allow the dress to take center stage! We suggest wearing long, yet simple earrings, and a similarly pretty necklace. Our Marigold La Femme Dress has a beaded neckline, so you can skip the necklace altogether! Same goes for your shoes - it's fine to choose shoes that you adore, but let your dress be the winner on prom night.


Thumbs Up For Down-Do's

Deciding whether to wear your hair up, down, or half-up is always a dilemma in the weeks before prom. You're likely scrambling for hairstyle ideas, and still a little unsure even on the morning before prom. Well, long La Femme dresses make your hairstyle choice a cinch - just wear it down! Leaving your hair down also allows the dress to take the spotlight. Of course, you'll want your hair to look its best, so you may still want to visit that salon before prom night, and adding pretty touches, like flowers or rhinestones, is always a prom night favorite.

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