Toast the night in a champagne hue. The color, somewhere between nude and gold, is a glamorous choice for prom and other formal events. The pale shade lends itself to sparkle from a few well-placed beads or a fabric that has some glittery threads worked into lace layers. Even on its own, a champagne tinted dress sparkles and brings beauty.

Designer Champagne Gowns

Our favorite designers such as Sherri Hill, Blush and Alyce Paris always make sure to have some stunning champagne dresses in their lines. Find dresses in every style such as strapless, two-piece, A-line silhouettes and dresses with plunging necklines to show some skin. You’ll see the difference between designer prom dresses and value versions in all these dress styles.

Champagne adds glamour to an already beautiful dress. There are many shades that fall into this range including nude beiges, sparkly golds and even some toned down bronze shades. The color wears well on brunettes, those with deeper skin tones and sun-kissed skin too. Very often, the nude tone of a champagne-colored dress is a backdrop for texture and style with layers of lace, beadwork and other glamorous details that really make for a special dress.

A Prom Dress to Make Your Own

The pale color also works in combination with other colors, either in the dress or with accessories. Wear champagne dresses with coral or aqua details for a complimentary contrast. Show off some gold, sparkly jewels and accessories, or let the dress speak for itself and show off your beauty. Champagne nudes are also worked in with black laces and satins for daring looks. You can find dresses that are sexy or demure in these tones too. Whichever one you choose, it will be a special dress and make for a special night each time you get to wear it.