Dresses with Pockets

The convenience of having pockets doesn't have to be lost on prom night. While it isn't a feature you might think about, there are a great number of dresses with built-in pockets. Pockets can be for simply putting your hands in if it's something you're comfortable doing in your everyday clothes. You can also hold your evening essentials such as your cell phone and lipstick — and making an evening bag non-essential. Whatever your reason, if pockets are high on your list above elements like skirt style and two-piece options, you aren't limited in prom dress options. You can still bring on the glamour with a pocketed formal gown.

Full Gown Dresses for Prom & More

Most prom dresses and formal gowns that offer pockets have full and flowing skirts. That might be the only limitation, if you can call it that, since these dresses with full skirts are all about prom night, princess style and starlit glamour. Pocket dresses feature the prettiest satins, richest brocades and serious volumes of style.

Very often, the pockets will disappear into the folds of your skirt, so you really only know you have pockets when you have your hands in them. There are a few special numbers, however, that feature the pocket as a design element with sweet details such as a beaded band at the opening. It's alright to call attention to such a luxury when everyone else will be in dresses that miss out on the convenience of a pocket.

Pocketed Dress Styles for Every Preference

You will find a few fun and flirty short options, but even with a long skirt there are a lot of designs so you can choose the style that you love. Find dresses with plunging necklines, strapless styles, keyhole cutouts, open backs and more. The night is yours, and you don't have to sacrifice on your needs and comforts to get the glamour you deserve. And the even better news is that with the money you save on a handbag, you can choose to treat yourself to other accessories you might be eyeing.