Discover the Perfect Long Prom Dresses 2018

Discover the Perfect Long Prom Dresses 2018 with!

Every young lady wants to look great for her prom pictures and catch the eye of everyone in the room. Whether the theme is Retro 70s, Enchantment under the Sea or something more contemporary, you'll find the perfect long prom dresses 2018 for every size and figure.

Choosing the right prom dress can be an exercise in managing expectations and dealing with emotional turmoil. With, you'll have a wide selection of dresses and plenty of search options. However, an understanding of the cuts and styles that look best on different figures is still essential to taking any guesswork out of your prom dress search. 

Petite and Slim Figures 

The key to choosing elegant and long prom dresses 2018 for these petite and slim body types lies in conformity. You want a dress that conforms to your shape, so that the dress doesn't overwhelm your figure. Most experts suggest going with a short dress, but there are other options for length. The sweetheart prom dress, for instance, offers a fitted waist with a slight sweetheart cut. A solid color and mermaid skirt provide a large dose of elegance when coupled with a thick strap just below the shoulder blades. 

Rectangular Figures 

A boyish figure will benefit from long prom dresses 2k18 that provides the illusion of curves. A waist cinch, and contrasting colors or fabrics are great ways to create this effect without the use of push-up bras or other accessories. The blush chiffon and strapless sweetheart formal prom dress by Tiffany Designs are two choices that exemplify these features. 

Pear Figures 

The goal for this body type is to enhance the view above the waist. A fitted bust helps to balance your more voluptuous legs, hips and bottom. Choose among long prom dresses 2018 with flaring skirts for an even better effect. The sweetheart beaded neckline and pleated bodice dress by Mori Lee is an excellent example. Discover your body type to aid in finding more great tips on choosing a dress with appropriate features. Search for long prom dresses 2k18 at for to find the perfect dress for your enchanted evening.

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