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Prom Dresses to Flatter Every Body Type

You should always choose clothing styles that flatter your body type regardless if it is casual or workout wear. However, when you are picking a dress for a prom or other special formal event, it is especially important to pick a design that complements your figure. We all come in different shapes and sizes.  As women, we are all sensitive to certain areas of our body. Yet, the truth is that everyone can look absolutely fabulous regardless of your height, waist or bust size. The key to dressing to flatter is choosing styles that punctuate your finer points and draw attention away from the trouble spots.

Let's take the chop top paired with the pencil skirt as an example; young women with an hourglass figure rock this look. It goes for mini skirts, too. If your legs are your best asset, pick styles that accentuate them.  On prom night, you want to look and feel amazing. Make sure to decide on a style that has you looking and feeling like a princess or a star walking down the red carpet to the Academy Awards. Before you start browsing through the dazzling designs at, take a few minutes perusing the prom dress body type guide.


figure-busty.jpg Full Breasts

If you have a full bust line, support is a major issue. You don't want to feel self-conscious for the entire evening or like everyone is staring for all the wrong reasons. Pick a prom dress style that is going to offer you support up top like a dress with a halter top or wide set straps. Another option is opting for a dress with minimizing sleeves that you can wear a bra underneath.


figure-curvy.jpg Curvy Hips

Embrace your curves. Don't run from them. Simply balance them out by choosing a straight or an A-line dress with an empire waist. Stay away from styles that call attention to the hip area especially those that have beaded designs around the waist. Instead, accentuate the top half of your body. You may also want to consider a shorter style, but remember to avoid designs that accentuate the middle.

figure-plus.jpg Plus Sizes

Remember that all girls regardless of age come in different shapes and sizes. Celebrate your body because there are a wealth of plus size dresses that are gorgeous, but still offer you support and definition where you need it most. Again, accentuate the positive and avoid styles that are overly ornate. Stay away from patterns and ruffles. Instead, go for simplicity and color.
figure-slim.jpg Slim and Slender

If you're self-conscious about your small bust line and lack of curves, then play up your other amazing features by picking a dress that has a lot of fun details like beading and ruffles. Go short or long. Play with patterns and go with a bolder print.
Being comfortable in your dress is key. When you put it on and you feel great, it shows in your attitude and overall self-confidence. Explore all of the amazing styles at PromHeadquarters. You will definitely find the one that suits your personal body type.

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