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Hottest Prom Dress Styles

It's finally arrived: prom season. After the news trickles around school about who is going with whom, the next biggest question is what are you wearing? Even your date will want to know so that the colors can be coordinated and flowers can be ordered. However, finding the perfect dress isn't easy and neither is the time spent driving around from store to store especially if are involved with extra-curricular activities, and let's face it: most gals are. Unfortunately, life's busy schedule doesn't leave much time for hitting the malls.

Thankfully, has all the hottest and trendiest prom dresses year after year. And don't hesitate because you are shopping online. It's super easy to order online and there's even a layaway plan to help you get that special dress. Now, let's get down to the serious business of finding you the perfect dress. First, take a look at the hottest prom dress styles and see what you like.







This is a trendy style that has been around for a few years and is a elegant design. Sheath dresses accentuate the curves and are perfect for ladies with an hourglass figure. They're floor length and come in quite a few different styles.

High Neck

A high neckline is another prom dress trend that seems to be a mainstay. There are many styles of high necks including halters and beaded tops. High necklines tend to be a little more ornate and can really give you the runway appearance that you desire. It's also the perfect choice for ladies with a larger bust size since this style can give you the added support that you need up top.


The two-piece style is definitely one of the hottest trends for 2016. It is a trend that's here to stay, too, because it brings together contemporary and traditional designs. You will discover a delightful array of two-piece prom dresses in straight form-fitting skirts or flared options. If you're searching for that princess look, you'll find that too.


Mermaid dresses are a popular design that features a hip-hugging bodice and a flared skirt at the knees. This is a feminine style that can be very dramatic as well as elegant. has mermaid designs in two-pieces or one. You can add to the eye-catching appearance of this style with a more elaborate bodice or skirt. This design is all about the details, so if you plan to do a lot of dancing, the mermaid style may not be the best choice.


Short or long for prom is often debated with many feeling that a short hemline is better suited for homecoming or a sweet sixteen. However, as with anything else, the length of the dress is a personal choice. A short dress is more comfortable and is easier to move around in as well as dance. You can also find formal designs in a short style.



Yes, there is more at, a lot more actually. So, if you want to shop by style, you got it! Happy shopping!

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