Fashion Guide Category: Prom Dress Accessories

Fashion Guide Category: Prom Dress Accessories

Prom Dress Accessories

You've picked out the dress of your dreams. Now, it's time to get the rest. Yes, there are a whole host of prom dress accessories that come with that special night as well as other formal wear events. At, you can definitely do your one-stop shopping. First off, start with a helpful check list to make sure you're not doing a mad dash to the mall when your date is only a couple of hours from picking you up.

    • Undergarments - Yes, you need those. Avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction or photograph that will haunt you for years to come. Remember, it is the age of social media. You'll find everything from bras to slips and petticoats to body shapers at
    • Shoes - Of course, you have to have a pair of pretty shoes to go with your formal wear. At you will find everything from sandals to heels to flats and even boots. Yes, ladies go for a pair of fancy dress boots. It's okay to be a little different.


    • Handbag - Oh yeah, you need one despite what you may think. Mom is right about that. A small bag to put a few essentials and a little emergency money is a must. Choose from a stylish selection of formal handbags that are neutral and will complement your dress color.


    • Jewelry - Explore's selection of earrings and bracelets that will add the perfect amount of bling to your ensemble. You'll find fabulous styles at affordable prices that will help you choose the complete look that you crave.


    • Crowns & Headpieces - If you are celebrating your sweet sixteen or quinceanera, then you need a dazzling tiara. There is even a special one with a jeweled 15 on it for a quinceanera. also carries a selection of enchanting headpieces and hair pins that will perfectly complement your entire look. Never leave your hair as an afterthought. If you're getting it done by a professional, bring your crown, headpiece or hair pin with you. They always do it better.


    • Tattoo Cover - Sure, they rock, but tattoos aren't for every event and that includes formal ones. offers a simple Tattoo Cover Kit that is great to keep on hand for gals with tats. It may come in handy for those college and job interviews that you'll have coming up too.


  • Those things you never think of - Moms do. They think of things like garment bags for formal dresses, high heel protector caps so that you don't get your amazing new heels stuck in a sewer grate and garment tape for those straps that just refuse to stay where they should.

That's it. There's the checklist. Sure, it's a lot, but that's what comes with those memorable events that require the fancy dress clothes. The good thing is that you can get it all in one place. Happy shopping and enjoy your event. You will look fabulous!

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