How to Find Your Sexy Prom Dresses

How to Find Your Sexy Prom Dresses

Looking for that 2018 sexy prom dress that makes the other girls just dying to ask where you got yours? Be ready to flaunt your superior styles and taste in our #2018promdresses. First pick out the perfect color for your 2018 hi low prom dresses, then the cut and length. Bring friends, keep up the newest styles and be smart about coloring to make all these choices easier.

The Friend Advantage

Ask your friends for help with your 2018 sexy prom dresses search. No one gives better advice than the girls who see you continually. They know what colors you've worn that you ought to regret, and which you obviously need more of in your ensemble. Use their advice to help find the best of the 2018 sexy prom dresses, by giving you input on whether you can pull of the bold sheath skirt styles that are in as well.

Check the Complexion

You know your coloring and complexion, what works and what does not. Know your complexion tone to match the color from warm to warm and cool to cool. One trick to check your coloring is to look at your veins under warm lighting. Sounds silly, but it's fun to try with friends. The veins that appear blue mean you have cool tones, and veins that appear green have warm tones.

Warm Dress Tones - Warm colors such as a sunlight orange, light pink or red draw the warm shades of a peachy, red or yellow skin tone. Find a hot dress in hotter colors to match the warm tones of your skin. The hot numbers in our red 2018 fashion prom dresses collection flatters a warm skin tone of both brunettes and blondes.

Cool Dress Tones - Bright green and blue dresses will draw attention to your best features, such as your green or blue eyes. These tones will compliment a complementary color, so red heads will rock the green dress as well, and bright blonds will look fabulous in purple.

Legs and Long Dresses

Short is sexy, but so is long when done right. A big bold 2018 sexy prom dresses trend to die for is the high slit cut up to a short sheath skirt that shows off all leg, like our #MoriLeeprom dress. The time has come for girls with gorgeous legs to finally show them off in a long dress, rather than short. 

That said, when it comes to 2018 sexy prom dresses there are always fashion exceptions to be made. Shop #prom2k18 sexy prom dresses that screams glamour and style at for the dress that you love!

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