Match the Type of Date to the Blush Prom Dresses

Match the Type of Date to the Blush Prom Dresses

A dream date and dream dress. What more can any girl ask for? The fantasy night you've daydreamed about can be yours with the right planning. So how do you pick the perfect dress for your date? We've put together a handy little guide to matching the dress to the type of date - so you know exactly which of our 2018 Blush Prom Dresses will best match your date for prom 2018.


First Date!

A first date with a new guy is always so exciting especially at a dance! The best thing you can do is to be yourself, which means picking one of the 2018 Blush Prom Dresses that does that for you! Are you most comfortable in your signature color? Your color can help you look and feel exactly the way you intend. Find the dress that fits your body type best 2018 Blush Plus Size Prom Dresses for a roomy fit and a gown to spin around in all night.


Your Man!

He's been your guy for ages, possibly since junior high or even grade school. As close as you are, you'll be able to have him pick out a new cummerbund or vest to match your dress, so pick a color that will look good on him as well. You want your pictures to look fabulous, after all!


The Old Friend

He's the guy you've been friends with forever. Whether you're looking to take things to the next level or just out for a fun time with a good friend the choice in dress is simple - go big! If your goal is to make him see you in a new light, then one of our more extravagant 2K18 Blush Prom Dresses will be just the thing to get that wow factor! Otherwise, there are no worries about what he'll think about you - you're free to get the boldest, hottest dress that you want. Make the night about you!


The Prom King

Everyone's expecting him to be named prom king, but his real prize on prom night is going be the right to take you to prom! Be ready for the spotlight in one of our#prom2k18 Blush Prom Dresses fit for a queen. Even if you don't take a title, you can still dress like royalty in a fetching dress in royal fuchsia!


Let the date come first and then just pick from the Trendy Ball Prom Gowns by Blush 2K18 at Have it all the dress and the date!

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