Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses for You and Your Court

Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses for You and Your Court

Style, glamour and a winning smile will win you and your friends the homecoming court! All the ladies in your homecoming court wear only the best crown worthy styles. If you and all your best gals plan on running for the homecoming court or just going stag, the Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses collection will have something for you all. Have even more fun when you pick out your dresses together, and find ones that will match and look positively fabulous in all of your pictures together! Find the dresses that will look amazing for you and your entire royal court of friends.

Shades of the Rainbow Let no girl wear the same shade! Each girl chooses her favorite or most flattering shade to wear. All of the line ups will be an array of the brightest, hottest colors in the season. Since you're not literally a rainbow, there's no need to line up the same way each time, but you can still arrange every shot to how you know your Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses look best. Long before homecoming and even before picture time, get together and figure out a few ideal arrangements. Make it even more fun by testing out different hairstyles and make up with each other's help in a pre-homecoming preparation party!

Just the Right Shades There are also many ways you and your friends can complement each other with the right shades of Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses. Pick out colors that will look amazing together, like all pastel shades or deep rich colors. There are also ways to choose colors that are perfect complements to one another.

Try these color combinations, for example:

Pink, Yellow and Green - The Yummy Fruits Combination The bubbly personality picks out a bubblegum pink homecoming dress, find a tart lime green homecoming dress for your edgier friend and pick out a bright yellow homecoming dress for your sweet as sugar friend!

Yellow, Lavender and Blue - Dignified Royalty Combination You'll all look like princesses in one of our ball gown Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses, linking even more fabulous dresses together by choosing the perfect shades. A pale yellow dress for the princess personality, an iris blue homecoming dress for the brains in your group and a perfect lavender homecoming dress for the real queen will make you look like a real royal court.

Shop the stunning selection of Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses for all of your friends here at Each and every photo is a possible yearbook moment, even if you don't all make the court, you'll look amazing together in your matching hues of Mori Lee Homecoming Dresses.

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