Sequin Homecoming Dresses

Sequin Homecoming Dresses

When you think about homecoming, one of the most important considerations is your gown.  There are many exciting events during homecoming week, each promoting school spirit and pride.  Nothing comes close to the excitement that is stirred in a high school girl’s heart, though, as that of finding the perfect dress.  2018 sequin homecoming dresses are certain to prove a favorite, appealing to many color and design styles.

Sequins provide the flash and glamour that goes hand in hand with homecoming.   The fun of being invited is just the beginning, and the quest for the right dress is all about satisfying your own dreams while putting on a look that will impress your date.  Whether you love the mini dress approach to homecoming or whether you love the full look of a fairytale gown, you will find the 2018 #sequindresses are among the most beautiful and eye catching.

One of the most interesting choices in sequin homecoming dresses is the high low design.  A short dress is complemented by an overskirt that is open in front.  This high low effect is dramatic and intriguing, allowing you to enjoy the fun of a full homecoming gown along with the flirty style of a mini dress.  Also quite popular is the split dress, a sequined style with a full length skirt that is split up the side.

2018 sequin homecoming dresses involve lots of contrast.  A single color of sequin is rare in the designs of the year.  Rather, you will find subtle use of complementing colors in some gowns and stark contrasts in others.  Green and black sequined designs prove exotic and interesting, while subtle shades of blue range from dark to light in other models.  Contrasts of sequined material against non-sequined elements create another exciting choice in homecoming apparel. 

One of the most beautiful choices in sequin homecoming #promdresses is that combining fluffy chiffon with sequined highlights, the sequins working to create starburst motifs on the full skirts.  These range from pretty pastels to exquisite black and gold combinations, allowing each girl to find the dress of her dreams.

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