Short Homecoming Dresses

Short Homecoming Dresses

The idea that a homecoming gown must be long and fluffy is a notion of yesterday.  In another generation this may have been true, but the homecoming gown of today isn’t your mother’s homecoming gown, by any means.  You will love the many updated styles and designs in 2018 short homecoming dresses.

When short homecoming wear initially hit the scene, it was often very tight fitting in design.  While many girls still love that cocktail dress look, they can also enjoy their dreams of fluff and frills, as many of the 2k18 short homecoming dresses are very beautifully designed to create a full look in a short skirt.  The embellishment is exquisite, and in many cases, the material is amazing in its use of color.  Fluffy skirts are definitely a popular design element in 2018. 

One of the most interesting trends in 2k18 short homecoming dresses is the high low concept.  In these cases, the skirt is short for the most part, becoming long in the back.  In some cases, there is a sharp contrast between the lengths in front and back, while in other designs there is a more subtle transition.  In many of these designs, there is a slight shade change in colors, with either top or bottom having a deeper hue. 

Watch for cute motifs and patterns in 2018 short homecoming dresses.  A shimmery plaid bodice may play against a chiffon skirt constructed of complementing shades of chiffon.  A solid colored bodice may be contrasted by bright shades of chiffon worked together into a fluffy skirt.  A solid black satin top may be contrasted by a white chiffon skirt with black ribbon edging.  Fun design makes the year’s selections amazing.

2018 short homecoming dresses include many sleeveless and strapless designs.  One sleeve dresses also prove to be quite popular, while designs with straps are a definite minority.  Animal prints and motifs are to be found in many designs, some in the expected blacks and browns while others are found in pretty pastels.  Short dresses for homecoming may seem completely sassy, but in reality, many of the designs are elegant and feminine, perfect for providing you with the homecoming night of your dreams.

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