Short on Nothing but Style: Short Homecoming Dress

Short on Nothing but Style: Short Homecoming Dresses

Are you looking for more than a simple homecoming dance? You're probably thinking that homecoming should be more than what the committee plans. It's also a time to make memories, dance like the DJ will never stop and make poses worth remembering. Homecoming isn't just about the tradition, it's about the fabulous fun you'll have! Bring the diva attitude to the dance with our selection of 2018 short homecoming dresses. Not sure if you're going to be suited to the styles of our short homecoming dresses? From devilish to delightful, there's something for all girls on homecoming night. Here's how to find out which style is going to be right for you!

Will you be looking for the club lights and thinking you ought to be getting a hand stamp, not giving a ticket for entrance? When you're longing for the club hits and jams, you'll know a short and flirty number from our 2018 short homecoming dresses is just for you! Look for something sequined or sparkling. Keep the skirt trim close to the thigh, with less ruffles and more form for your club ready look.

Is your eye not on the homecoming court crown, but a Globe or Emmy? When you're all about the cameras, red carpet and fame, a typical homecoming dress just won't do. You'll need to shop the styles from Jovani, Blush Prom, and Sherri Hill in our 2k18 short homecoming dresses collection. A dress that screams stare at me? It may be just the thing to put you right in the paparazzi, we mean dance photographer's, eye.

Boys, awards, none of it means a thing. You're just into homecoming for one reason, and that's to dance. It doesn't matter what style of dance, be it salsa, samba, hip hop, or ballet, but you're going to have the night of your life. Nothing will show off your sweet moves more than one of our 2018 short homecoming dresses. The shorter skirt will give you the room to move around and really get down with your dance moves.


Madison James, Sherri Hill, La Femme, and more hot styles are waiting for you in our 2k18 short homecoming dresses selection. Shop at for all the latest and shortest styles.

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