Short Prom Dresses for Keeps!

Short Prom Dresses for Keeps!

A long, full length solid color gown will always be in style, but where's the fun in that? The fun comes in short prom dresses! One thing many girls look for in your prom dress is something worth keeping for years to come. Especially if this prom is your last, you may be thinking of the dances to have fun at in college, so you're planning on getting at least another year of use out of your fabulous dress. So feel free to fall in love with our collection of 2k18 short prom dresses. If you're in love with the short prom dresses, you're in luck. We've picked out some of the timeless short styles that are sure to see more dance floors than closet walls after your prom.

Here are our top 2018 short prom dresses collection picks for keeps!

Dapper Flapper Dress

Vintage styles will stay hip and cool for years to come. Our vintage flapper short prom dresses are real fetching 1920's numbers with none of the vintage care problems, but all of the hot colors of short prom dresses. Be a real knock out like the 1920's movie stars- though while their big numbers were silent, everyone will be talking about the hip and shimmering scallop beading that resembles the knock out flapper flyaway beads.

Sweet, Simple, and Short Dress

You can't go wrong with a short, simple bodice and neckline of a strapless beaded short prom dress. While the elegant fitted shape is timeless, the circular appliqu© gives it an edge that makes it stand out from any of the other strapless dresses at your prom. Get this short prom dress in black to wear at themed college parties or even cocktail parties as your edgy, little black number.

Dancing Designer Dress

One of the best ways to choose from our 2018 Short Prom Dresses is to find the one you'll wear time and time again, one that fits your edgy personality best, like our Ruffle Skirt Tami Prom Dress. Best of all, this bodice is adjustable! So unlike your dream wedding gown - there's no fear of not fitting into this 2018 number in time for prom. In fact, you'll be able to rock these short prom dresses for your first college dance - with no fear of the freshman fifteen!

Remember, the memories are what matters most and they will last forever. You don't need to choose a dress that lasts the ages  but if you want styles to keep for future dances check out the collection of 2k17 short prom dresses from Hannah S!

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