Tips for Rocking Hi Low Prom Dresses

Tips for Rocking Hi Low Prom Dresses

Hi low prom dresses are going to be big during the 2018 prom season and if you plan on rocking this look, we want to make sure that you look your best. OK, not just your best, but absolutely-knockout-gorgeous. How does that sound?

At, we're all about giving you what you want when it comes to the latest prom styles. Our selection of hi low prom dresses are sure to delight anyone, no matter what your sense of style or your figure. But anyways, before you start dressing for the big night, it's important to know what you can do to amp up your look so that you are simply stunning when you walk in the door at prom.
Here are our tips for rocking hi low prom dresses so that you look red carpet ready:

1.) Choosing the right shoes. This is absolutely key when wearing a hi low dress, especially since this style of dress shows off a lot of leg. Our advice is to go with a nice stilleto or pump heel to add length to your legs and height to your frame, so that the longer part of the skirt doesn't drag. To draw attention to long legs, go with something sparkly or bright.

2.) Choosing the right neckline. Hi low prom dresses work best when they aren't too revealing. Sure, you're showing off a lot of leg, but don't think that you have to do the same up top. Keep things looking classy with a sweetheart neckline (not too deep!) or a boatneck style.

3.) Choosing the right hairstyle. We've found that hi low prom dresses work best with hair that's worn down. If you have long hair, go with loose curls that will draw attention to your neck and face. If you have medium length hair, get playful with tighter curls. Finally, for short hair styles, feel free to glam it up with some sparkling hair accessories.

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