Priyanka Chopra 

Take on the world with your Nick Jonas in Priyanka Chopra-inspired prom formal wear from Prom Headquarters. Make it your mission to dress to impress at Prom 2020 . These dresses capture spectacular fashion to mirror the elegant taste of one of India's most beautiful ladies. Take your fashion to the next level with the Quantico star's most remembered styles when you shop this collection. Luxurious chiffons, beautiful lace and sparkling beadwork help you get closer to royal sophistication in our selection of formal red carpet look-a-like gowns inspired by the radiant Priyanka.

Priyanka Chopra's classic and elegant style shines through in her glamorous red carpet outfits. She prefers sophisticated evening dresses that feature full skirts, more modest cuts and abundant sparkling embellishments. Many of them feature A-line or mermaid silhouettes that show off your figure while adding the drama of a large swishing skirt. Most feature open necklines to help balance out the fabric-heavy hems. All feature designs by well-known brand names such as Mac Duggal, Morilee, Sherri Hill and La Femme. When you choose one of these dresses, you'll look like both a movie star and a princess at the same time.

These lovely celebrity-inspired prom gowns come in a variety of different colors. Ms. Chopra tends to prefer more understated colors, but she has been known to wear brighter blues and pinks on occasion. Choose from prom dresses that feature neutral colors such as grey, white black and champagne. You can also keep it understated with the addition of color by choosing a gown in a soft pastel such as lavender, pink or blush. This collection also includes lovely jewel tone dresses in burgundy, navy blue, deep plum, muted turquoise and more.