Prom Trends for Generation Z

Prom Trends for Generation Z

When it comes to prom trends for Generation Z, two are topping the list across the board. The first is a nod to tradition. The second is showcasing individual style. Despite the top trends initially seeming to be at odds with each other, they can actually be combined to create a captivating, one-of-a-kind look that lets Gen Zers suit up for prom in style.

Where Tradition Fits as a Prom Trend

Gen Z’s penchant for tradition at prom is so strong that they’re actually being referred to as the throwback generation. Generation Z members are those who were born between 1996 and 2010, and they’re choosing styles more in tune with their mothers or grandmothers, rather than those of their millennial sisters, cousins or pals.

This push against the generation that came directly before them can be seen with prom dresses sporting more traditional cuts and features. One way to achieve this is to go with glamour. Dresses with full satin skirts, layers of chiffon and glittery necklines of beadwork and sequins are your ticket. You can get a red carpet-worthy dress that allows you to play homage to fashions of the past and be the envy of the evening.

While necklines are still plunging, if you want to opt for a retro style with more coverage, there are beautiful gowns with higher necklines that offer the glamour you want. One category to check out is Boho Dresses, where you'll find some options with more modesty, and traditional materials and styles.

Keeping tradition in mind can also mean choosing a long-enduring prom dress style, such as the classic A-line silhouette, which is narrower at the waist and then flares out to the floor in a straight line. Princess prom dresses with full skirts, layers and crinoline are also making a comeback.

Individual Style and Prom

Individuality is another trend that resonates with Generation Z. The selection at Prom Headquarters offers every style to choose from, and you are sure to find your individual look. You can find a unique look that you won't see everywhere and your friends will admire.

If you're thinking of heading to the dance solo or with a group of friends rather than a date, you are in good company. Many in your generation want to spend this night with friends and without entanglements. Another way to exercise this practical outlook is in your dress. Consider a two-piece ensemble. While two-piece prom gowns are designed as a coordinated dress that will turn heads, it is possible to wear the pieces separately after the big night. You could even get some minor alterations later to bring that floor-length skirt into a more practical length for a less formal night out.

The modern style of prom dresses has typically been influenced by what’s going on the world, which can be seen reflected in prom dress styles over the years.

Romantic prom dress styles meshed with the hippie culture of the 1960s and 1970s, while large shoulders and neon-bright colors were the rage through the 1980s. The 1990s saw off-the-rack creations that mimicked those featured in many of the decade’s prom-inspired movies.

The emphasis on individualism, personal taste and expression of modern culture is a sign of today’s times, and those factors are reflected in the prom dress choices for Generation Z.

True freedom of fashion is what this prom trend is all about, and it can be reflected in any way the prom-goer sees fit. On one end of the spectrum, that individual freedom of style may equate to a prom dress adorned with sequins or feathers. It can also include a prom outfit that’s not necessarily a dress, but rather a prom jumpsuit or romper.

On the other end of the spectrum, individual freedom can also align with styles that have also been popular over the past several years, such as the mermaid prom dress that hugs the body to the knees, then fans out in a flared skirt.

Combining the Two Prom Trends

The traditional trend and individual style trend are hot for Gen Zers, and you certainly don’t have to choose one or the other. Both trends can be combined to create a look that pays a nod to tradition yet offers a unique twist of individual style.

Choices here could include wearing a traditional prom dress style and color but adding a pop of neon pink shoes. You can also add individual style to a traditional cut with metallic booties, eye-catching jewelry or embellishments. A rim of ruffles down the back of a mermaid prom dress could work, as could adding a jaunty hat or feathered boa to the traditional A-line dress.

Other options include selecting a traditional prom dress style in a stand-out fabric, such as a prom dress created in plush velvet or one featuring a gorgeous lace bodice or full overlay.

Other Prom Outfit Considerations

Exactly how inventive Gen Zers get with their prom dresses also depends on factors outside of their individual style. Those that live in smaller towns and more conservative communities may be less inclined to make a shocking statement than those that live in bigger cities or less conservative areas.

While it’s interesting to keep an eye on fashion and world trends that are influencing prom dress choices for Gen Zers, there’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to follow them. The best prom dress for anyone in any generation is one that makes them look good and feel even better. Choosing a fabric, color, length, style and embellishments you adore is important, as is selecting a dress that helps you feel confident and savvy. Check out the full selection of prom dresses for your fave at Prom Headquarters.