What Will the 2021 Prom Trends Be?



Planning ahead for prom 21 and want the inside scoop on what the trends will be? At Prom Headquarters, we're no psychics, but we do know a thing or two about prom fashion, including what the 2021 prom season is likely to have in store when it comes to fashion trends. Without further ado, here are some of our picks for the top 2021 prom dress trends:

1.) A-Line Gowns: Fit and flared, you can't go wrong with this classic look. An A-line gown with a fitted bodice and plenty of embellishments will once again be a popular pick for the 2021 prom season. Look for a skirt that's gently flared and a bodice that's fit to just below the natural waist. An open back and sweetheart neckline can create dimension and give this look a lot of class. Go bold by choosing a red A-line gown.

2.) Mermaid Dresses: Back by popular demand are mermaid dresses. This slimming silhouette is tight until the knee, then it flares out dramatically. Mermaid gowns look great from every angle and in every color. Choose a dress with embellishments on the top and a solid skirt to make the most of this look.

3.) Crop Top Prom Dresses: Two-piece dresses will be huge in 2021. Showing a little (emphasis on little) skin in the midriff area will give the dress a youthful look. Make sure to choose a two-piece with a coordinating top and bottom. Monotone crop top dresses are in, two-tone crop top dresses are out in 2021.

4.) Slinky and Sequined: Sequins have always been a staple when it comes to formalwear, but 2021 is going to take this fancy favorite to whole new heights. We expect to see a lot of sparkle on the dance floor with top-to-bottom sequined gowns. Slinky and sequined are two words that you'll definitely be seeing together in 2021. Give the look a little more drama by choosing a rich jewel tone or a dress with a leg slit.

5.) Living Coral: Recently disclosed as the Pantone color of the year, living coral dresses will be the "it-color" for prom 2021. The vibrant blue hue is inspired by the sea and highlights the crisis our oceans are currently facing. Environmental activist or not, we think the color is gorgeous.

6.) Hi-Lo Dresses: Casually referred to as a "mullet dress," hi-lo dresses will still be popular in 2021. The hi-lo style combines a floor-length gown with a minidress, offering the best of both worlds. Designers are using daring patterns and materials for the longer portion of the dress, and detachable skirts take the look from formal to fun.

7.) Frilly and Floral: If you're a girly girl, 2021 will be your year to shine. Frilly laces and floral prints are all the rage. Look for a dress with a lace overlay or a bold floral print and feel free to skip the satin. Floral and lace prom gowns can do double-duty for other formal events like weddings and graduations, so shop smart.

8.) Delightfully Detailed: Prom 2021 will focus on the little things. Details like patterned beadwork and intricate lace overlays will take over the trends. Designers will be working overtime to produce dresses that are interesting and fully detailed. In 2021, too much is never enough for the Insta-ready generation.

Keep these trends in mind when shopping for your 2021 prom dress and you won’t go wrong. For the best selection of the latest styles at affordable prices, check out Prom Headquarters.