Why It's important to Look Good at Prom

Why It’s Important to Look Good at Prom

Whether you’re over the moon with excitement or feeling a little nervous about the event, prom is a time to get out there and shine. There’s no better way to shine than to carefully plan and prepare to look your ultimate best. This involves everything from your hair to your shoes, with a captivating prom dress, makeup and everything in between.

Looking good is part of the tradition that fits in with the rest of the prom fanfare. Traditionally, fanfare consists of things like limo rentals, elaborate corsages, dining, dancing and a stately prom location. If you don’t think following tradition is a good enough reason to look good at prom, here are five other reasons to inspire you.

There Will be Photos

From the photos your parents take when your date arrives and formal pictures taken at the venue to the selfies you snap at the event, photos and more photos have always been a big part of prom. This was the case even before the digital age of phones with built-in cameras, with the photo ops only multiplying now that folks are apt to take pictures throughout the entire event.

You can expect photos of your prom to not only be taken by most of the people in attendance, but to also be posted on social media during and after the event. Your prom photos may remain part of a social feed for years to come. It’s important to look your best at prom to make a sensational statement in the photos, especially because there’s likely to be hundreds, if not thousands of them. These photos will also let you keep the memories of your fantastic evening.

Dressing up is Fun

Even if you outwardly moan and groan at the thought of high heels and keeping your hair looking perfect in an elaborate up-do, you have to admit that dressing up can be fun. For an event as huge as prom, getting ready actually becomes a ritual of sorts.

It starts with the anticipation of finding just the right prom dress, and then finding just the right accessories to go with it. On the actual day of the event, make sure you have plenty of time to get your dress, shoes, makeup, hair and all other details in order. Allow for extra time, in case one step takes longer than you expect.

A day of preparation can be done alone, but it is fun to do it with friends. You can schedule manicures and other appointments together for an even more memorable experience.

Once you’re ready to go, the next thrill comes from seeing the glow in the eyes of your parents and date when they see you looking your best in your spectacular dress and accoutrements.

The dress-up ritual can make you feel magical, special or even like the star in a fairy tale where you’re transformed into the most glorious woman on earth. It’s important to look good when you’re starring in a fairy tale, of course.

You Get to Wow the Crowd

Remember that glow in the eyes of your parents and date when they saw you spiffed up in your prom dress? That same glow can extend to the entire crowd at the prom when you walk in looking your best.

Because everyone spent time, money, effort and creativity getting ready for prom, you can bet everyone will be comparing and contrasting their outfits. Looking good at prom ensures you’re high in the running on the list of prom styles that can’t be beat. With the right prom dress, accessories and confident attitude, you can easily rank a 15 or higher on a list where the highest usually stops at 10. The right dress is the first step in helping achieve that confident attitude, which makes all the difference on prom night.

It’s the Finale Formal Event of High School

High school always has its ups, downs and even moments where you may have felt like you were spinning sideways. Prom is the last hurrah of it all. It’s the last dance you’ll attend in the long line of school dances over your school career. Compare your very first school dance to your grand finale of prom to get a feel for how much you’ve learned, how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve come.

Prom is also the last formal event of high school, the last chance you’ll have to hang out with your graduating class before moving on. It also marks a passage for you as you finish high school and move on to your next adventure. While you’ll still have the graduation ceremony, no one will see your outfit beneath your graduation gown. Prom is the last formal ceremony where you can dress as elaborately and elegantly as you wish, knowing the entire room will see. With all the significance tied to this event, it’s important to look good at prom.

You’re Creating Memories

When you’re attending your prom, you’re doing more than simply going to a dance. You’re even doing more than attending the final formal event of high school. You’re creating memories that will stay with you for years to come. No matter what significant events came before or are slated to come after prom, prom is one that sticks in people’s heads forever.

What someone wore to prom is a big part of their memory, and it will be a big part of yours too. Knowing that you looked your best can make those memories even fonder, especially if your prom dress truly reflects your style and mood of the moment. Some of the greatest prom memories are built on a foundation of a beautiful, outrageous or simply drop-dead gorgeous prom dress, so pick one that helps you truly shine.

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