How to Buy a Prom Dress Online

How to Buy a Prom Dress Online

Posted by Prom Headquarters on Apr 12th 2019

With all of the stories circulating on the internet about failed prom dress online orders, we here at Prom Headquarters can understand why some of our customers are wary about online formalwear orders. That's why we want to set the record straight about the right way to shop for prom dresses online. If you follow a few simple steps, you won't just be happy with your online purchase, you'll be an online dress shopper for life.

Order from a Trusted Online Source

The most important part of buying an evening gown online is doing research beforehand to make sure that you're placing your order with a reputable online store. Many of the "prom dress fails" that you see on the internet are ordered from disreputable websites that sell cheap knockoff versions of designer dresses. Don't be tempted by the suspiciously low prices. They're only that low because many of these counterfeit dresses are made from low-quality materials overseas, often in China.

You can rest assured that every dress offered by Prom Headquarters is a genuine designer dress that will look the same in-person as it does online. We are proud to be an authorized retailer for some of the most popular prom dress designers. Some of these include Morilee, Sherri Hill and Mac Duggal.

Bookmark Your Favorite Dresses

When you're shopping online for your prom dress, be sure to bookmark the dresses that you like as you go. There's nothing worse than finding several great dresses and then losing the links before you get a chance to place your order. Remember to bookmark each one as you go and then narrow your bookmarked options down to a single dress when it's time to decide on the perfect one.

Take Your Measurements before Ordering

Another concern that many people have when ordering an evening gown online is the fit. All you need to do to make sure that the dress you order is going to fit is to take your measurements before you place your order. Don't try to guess at your size or you might be disappointed. If you have accurate measurements before ordering your dress, you'll be much happier with the end result. If you need help measuring your size, take a look at our measurement tips.

Buy Your Shoes and Accessories Online

Once you've decided to order your prom gown online, you can save even more time and money by adding your prom shoes and accessories to your order. Ordering everything together will ensure that they all arrive together and on time and will save you the hassle of buying everything separately. Rather than visiting three or four different stores in the mall, you'll be able to shop from home and place a single order on a single website to get everything you need for your prom outfit. Be sure to take a look at the selection of prom accessories from Prom Headquarters to find prom shoes, headpieces, crowns and tiaras.

Place Your Order Ahead of Time

One final tip for ordering eveningwear online is to make sure that you place your order ahead of time. You don't want to wait until the last minute to order your dress and have it arrive after prom has already passed. Some styles and designers can take weeks to process your order, depending on availability and several other factors. Keep this in mind when planning your prom outing.

If you do happen to have waited until the last minute to place your order, you can still get your prom dress online and have it arrive in time for the dance. Simply shop our selection of immediate delivery dresses that we have on hand. These orders are processed immediately and shipped out the very next day.

Returns and Exchanges

Even if you follow all of these tips, we understand that sometimes returns and exchanges are unavoidable. If you need to change out your dress from Prom Headquarters, be sure to take a look at our return policy for online orders.