How to Plan a Quinceanera

How to Plan a Quinceanera

Aug 15th 2018

A quinceanera can be an important event in the life of a young woman, and you want yours to be personal, fun and memorable. Here’s our advice for organizing and executing a fabulous quinceanera.

Start Early

Planning a quinceanera can be complex, so you’ve got to begin at least a year ahead of time. Setting the budget is a good first step, as it will determine how lavish your party will be. Create the guest list and choose a venue that will accommodate it, whether that’s a favorite restaurant’s party room or an event hall. Choose your colors, then start shopping for your perfect quinceanera dress. What you wear will set the party’s tone, so make sure it reflects your personal style. The quinceanera dress is the focal point of your party. Remember that the quince dress of your dreams could take 3 months in production, so plan to get it 6 months before your quinceanera date.

Stay on Course

About six months before the big day, work on the music and your court. Help your damas decide on dresses that will complement yours, then coordinate suits or tuxes for the chambelanes. Whether you’re having a band or DJ, you may want to hire a choreographer if you plan to include the traditional group or surprise dance. Private lessons are a great idea to make sure you and Papa wow your guests with a beautiful father-daughter waltz.

Pay Attention to Details

Invitations should go in the mail two or three months before the date, but you can always do a digital “save the date” a bit earlier. While you’re waiting for those RSVPs, start drafting your speech. Don’t overlook this one, as preparing a short speech will help calm your public speaking nerves on the day. Take care of any fittings for the damas and chambelanes, as well as for your own dress, and keep practicing those killer dance moves!

Bask in Your Moment

If you’ve started early and kept on schedule, this final month should be the most fun. Go shopping for personal and meaningful gifts for your court, as they have been your support through it all. Make sure everyone gets a final fitting about a week ahead of time, and follow up with any late-responding guests.