Prom Photo Tips - How to Take Beautiful Prom Pictures

Prom Photo Tips - How to Take Beautiful Prom Pictures

Posted by Prom Headquarters on Apr 12th 2019

Chances are that you've spent hours choosing the perfect prom dress, getting dressed and doing your makeup and hair in preparation for the big night. Don't let all those hours of preparation go to waste on bad prom photos. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to take Instagram-worthy prom pictures.

Choose the Right Setting

The first step in taking any photo is to choose a setting. For prom pictures you want you and your date or your friends to be the main focus of the finished picture, so you'll want to keep the background simple. An outdoor setting is best and one with minimal clutter and other distracting objects is better. Try to find an open space with trees, flowers or other greenery in the background. If the weather or light keeps you from taking your pictures outdoors find a place inside that isn't filled with furniture or clutter. Blank walls work well and so do staircases. If there are random items in the frame, take a few minutes to clear the space before taking your photos. You'll be amazed at the difference in the final result.

Get Great Lighting

The most important part of any type of photography is lighting. That being said, you don't necessarily need all kinds of professional lighting equipment to take high-quality photos. All you need is good outdoor lighting or a decent understanding of how your camera's flash works. Outdoor lighting is always best so try to schedule your photos early in the day before the sun sets. You'll want bright light that isn't so bright that it makes everyone in the photo squint. If the sun is bright, choose a shaded area. If you do take your pictures inside, be careful of the flash on your camera or phone as it can wash out your photos.

Perfect Prom Photo Poses

To get the classic prom couple photo, be mindful of your angles. Start out facing your partner, then angle your upper bodies most of the way toward the camera. Finally, turn your heads so that you're facing straight toward the camera. Be sure to keep your head straight without tucking your chin or bending your back to avoid an unsightly double chin. Another important tip is to be aware of your hands. If you don't think about where you're placing them they can easily take on awkward positioning.

If you're taking a group photo, try to avoid having everyone stand side-by-side in a straight line. Add some dimension to the picture by having people stand in varied poses in separate rows. Some of your group should be standing while others are sitting or leaning on something or someone.

Take Your Time

Don't try to cram your prom photo session into the few rushed minutes while you're waiting for the limo to arrive. Schedule a time and place for everyone to meet to take pictures so that you have plenty of time to get it right. The more time you allow, the better your pictures will be. This will also make it much easier to take advantage of the natural daylight and will make your photos that much better.

Capture Some Non-Traditional Prom Pictures

Have fun with your prom photos. Taking some silly pictures in between the serious ones can help everyone loosen up and give more natural smiles and poses. Interacting with your friends during the photo session can also help your parent or photographer get some great candid shots. Sometimes these are the best photos of all. You should also take some time to get a few photos with your best friends if you're part of a larger group. If you're taking pictures at your own house, take a few minutes to take photos with your parents, siblings and pets. These will be some of your most cherished photos in years to come.