Prom Tips &  Prom Checklist

Prom Tips & Prom Checklist

Posted by Promheadquarters on Nov 1st 2017

From budgeting for your dream dress to paying for the limo, prom planning comes with a whole lot of considerations. is on hand to help answer all your prom questions. Reference this handy prom tip guide and our other prom planning references to ensure that prom night goes off without a hitch!

Prom Considerations: The Finances

Make a Budget (A Realistic One)
- Here's the thing, prom can be expensive. If you think things through with a well-considered list of what you need and the rough costs of each item, you can achieve your prom dreams without going broke. You'll need to budget for your dress and its alterations (if necessary), your accessories, hair and makeup, nails and more. Check out our complete prom budget guide for more details on how to budget for prom.

Who Pays for What - Traditionally speaking, your date should take care of dinner, the tickets and your corsage. If you've asked someone to be your date, then you should assume that you're responsible for covering those things. If you've decided to hire a limousine driver to take you to and from prom, then it's perfectly OK to ask all the members of the group who intend to ride in the limo to split the cost. Don't forget to tip your limo driver at the end of the night!

Prom Planning Tips

Decide Who to Go With
- Most prom-goers gather a group of friends for pre-prom photos and dinner. However, if you'd rather keep things romantic with just you and your date, that's perfectly fine, too. If your date is a friend, consider gathering a group of friends to go together. Blending your friend groups is a great way to ensure that no one feels uncomfortable or left out.
Pick a Restaurant - A big part of prom night is picking where to eat before the festivities begin. If you prefer to keep things classic and elegant, suggest a nicer restaurant, but make sure it's one that's budget-friendly for everyone in the group. If you're a less-than-serious prom-goer, consider skipping the fancy dinner altogether and heading to your favorite pizza or burger spot!
Photo Location Scouting - You're going to need to formulate a solid plan for where you're going to take those requisite pre-prom photos. If you've got a large group, consider asking one of the members to allow you to take photos at his or her house. An outdoor setting is best for groups of six or more. Invite the parents and hand off the iPhones for Instagram-worthy shots.

Promposal Basics

Promposal or No Promposal?
- Sure, it's expected that you roll out the red carpet to surprise your date with a larger-than-life promposal, but there are some things to consider. If your potential date is the type who doesn't like a lot of attention, keep things low-key (ask in a private location and don't invited friends). If he or she is big on surprises, then go for broke!
How to Ask - It doesn't matter how you ask, truly, as long as its thoughtful and from the heart. There are some off-limits ways to ask your date to prom, though. At all costs, avoid asking via text or social media. You don't have to rent a hot air balloon to make your promposal memorable. A hand-drawn card or sign is enough to inspire an emphatic yes!
Make it Personal - No matter how big your plans, there's one thing to remember when you ask your date to prom: keep it personal. Think about your favorite place to hang out together, your favorite foods, the inside jokes shared by just the two of you. Incorporating personal touches into your promposal is key!