Top 5 promposal ideas for 2022

Mar 3rd 2022

When it comes to asking a date to the prom, it's not always as straightforward as a question. These days, teens like to have fun by creating unique promposals - ways to ask a date to the prom - that span the gamut from songs to posters to puns. Keep in mind that some people would enjoy a public proposal - say, in front of friends after a tennis match - but others would prefer a private proposal. Know your intended date well enough to choose between the two. If they're quiet and shy, consider proposing during a date or another time when it's just the two of you. If not, you might to pull out all the stops and enlist your date's friends to create a fun, public proposal everyone can enjoy.

Here are five ideas you might like to try.

1. Enlist the help of a pet. Does your date have a beloved dog? Create a cute sign - as simple as "Prom??" - and hang it around the pet's neck. Then watch as your date melts and says, "Yes!" Note that this may be a bit more difficult if you date's pet is a cat, but it could work. A fish or lizard? You might try one of these other options by putting the sign near the tank or bowl.

2. Berry creative. Purchase or make some decadent chocolate covered strawberries. You might even decorate them with white chocolate to make them look like little tuxedos (ask a local shop - they can do amazing things). Then make a sign that says, "I would be BERRY lucky if you would go to prom with me!" Deliver the treats with the sign, and enjoy the reaction.

3. Cheesy proposal. Do the two of you love pizza? Order a pizza from your intended date's favorite pizza purveyor - or make one, if you're handy that way - and make a sign that says, "I know this is cheesy, but ... will you be my prom date?" Tip your driver a bit more and have it delivered during a romantic evening, or pick up the pie yourself and deliver it right to your date's door.

4. Fortune teller. If your intended date likes fortune cookies - or even if he or she just likes reading the fortunes - slip a fortune of your own in one. Write a creative note, or simply, "Will you go to prom with me?" on a fortune-sized piece of paper, and slip it into a fortune cookie you're sure your date will open.

5. Follow the clues. If you really want to put some time and effort into a promposal, it might be run to create a little scavenger hunt. Create a series of notes that lead your date to the next note, and then finally to your promposal finale. You could even use one of the above ideas and simply lead your date to the prize. You can get as creative as you like. Send your date all around town looking for the next note, or just around school or the house. The choice is yours, and this is one you can really personalize to make it fun.