Unique Prom Hair and Makeup Guide

Unique Prom Hair and Makeup Guide

Posted by Promheadquarters on May 24th 2018

2018 #PromGoals: Evening Hair & Makeup

So you've picked the dress, the shoes, the date. Now what? Now it's time to think about the finishing touches - your prom hair and makeup! PromHeadquarters.com t has compiled a variety of cool prom hair and makeup ideas to help you start your prom brainstorm session off right. Because this year's dress trends are big on boho-glam (i.e. floral gowns) and free-flowing silhouettes, it's no surprise that hair and makeup follows suit with all things natural and whimsical.

Hair: Cascading Curls, Beautiful Braids

Adios, up-do! If this year's prom hairstyles do anything in particular, it's ditch the French twist. It's all about keeping things cascading and natural, with hippie-inspired braided down-dos and effortless, loose curls. Why do we love this trend? Well, for one, it means you can skip the professional hair stylist. For two, it works equally well with super-long locks and short cuts alike. (As if you didn't notice, a shortcut with wavy curls is as hot as it gets.)

We love this year's messy trend, too. Instead of the tightly wound pin curls and twists of years past, today's prom hair styles offer a relaxed feel. Think of it as effortlessly beautiful, with hippie-inspired side braids and braided crowns. If you still love the up-do - and want to keep hair out of your face - consider a messy braided style with a low or side-swept bun. You can also try on a loose, curled ponytail for size. Here's a rundown of our favorite prom hair trends for 2018:

  • Loose curled down-dos
  • Low or side-swept messy buns
  • Braids, braids, braids!
  • Formal ponytails that have been loosely tied

Makeup: Glamorous Naturals with a Twist

We all can't be Kendall Jenner, but we can emulate her flawless makeup! This year's prom makeup trends are all about showcasing your natural beauty. Caked-on makeup is A-OK, as long as it highlights your skin tone and big personality. There's one exception, though: lips! 2018 is all about dark-colored and unconventional lip stains, so don't hesitate to pump up the puckers. Here are a few of our favorite 2018 prom makeup trends:

  • Big, bold lips in dark shades
  • Black lip liner with colored lipstick or lip stain
  • Natural contours
  • Dense glitter eyeshadow

It's a question as old as time: Should you hire a professional makeup artist for prom? The answer comes down to two things: your confidence in applying your own and your prom budget. If you're the type of girl who's studied up on tutorials and have things down to a science, skip the professionals. If you have a little extra room in the budget (maybe you scored a gorgeous prom dress on sale) and would rather put your look in the hands of a pro, then by all means, hire someone!

If there's one thing above all to remember when designing your prom makeup plan, it's this: makeup is meant to make you feel beautiful (plus, it's really fun to play with), so don't overthink it. Makeup, like your prom dress, is an expression of the self that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Whether it's over-the-top and colorful or super-soft and natural, as long as it's you, that's all that matters!