Great Gatsby Prom Dresses


greatgatsby.jpgRecreate the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age of the 1920s for your Great Gatsby-themed prom. Think satiny sheath dresses with plenty of sequin bling or our prom dresses with feather accents from If you wear a feathered ball gown or cocktail dress, add a feather to your hair as a jaunty nod to those naughty flappers and super wealthy partygoers of a bygone age.

Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, the novel The Great Gatsby was a story about a mysterious young millionaire named Jay Gatsby who longed for a beautiful woman named Daisy Buchanan. He wooed her by throwing fabulous parties in his wealthy neighborhood. The unique Great Gatsby dresses available at take their inspiration from this classic era. Gatsby made Daisy his ideal, so a prom dress to celebrate this fictional character can be a shimmery, silky gown with one of our sparkling prom hair accessories. 

Or, play the outrageous flapper with a short prom dress in a bold color with a swirling skirt to dance the Charleston. Our rhinestone-accented sandals or dressy pumps from our prom shoes collection will add a fabulous flourish. This will be your night to remember, so choose the dress that flatters you the best for those all-important prom photo sessions. If The Great Gatsby themed prom dress you desire is above your budget, we offer a convenient layaway option to reserve your perfect look for prom night. Don't forget the right undergarments to give you that smooth silhouette beneath your prom gown. We have prom dress bras that uplift and body shapers to smooth your figure and minimize flaws. For makeup, think bold eye shadows, lots of mascara to give you the look of Daisy's big doe-y eyes and bright red lipstick. Our formal clutches and handbags are classics that will perfectly accent your Great Gatsby look.