When prom rolls around, you'll want to look your best. Fitting into your dress and having it hang just right requires the use of specialized formal wear undergarments. Choosing the perfect shaper will help you get the most out of your outfit while staying comfortable on the dance floor. The right prom underwear can go a long way to helping you achieve the look you desire on your special night.

Most people don't realize that the right evening dress undergarments can make any gown fit better and look more flattering. Fitted dresses require either a toned body or a structured undergarment in order to avoid unsightly bulges and sags. Body shapers, bras and other items will gently lift, sculpt and trim your body into the perfect shape for any dress. Even if you've chosen a backless or strapless 2018 prom dress, there are matching undergarments that can still provide you with support while staying well out of sight.

Besides undergarments, we also carry storage bags, heel caps and tattoo cover kits. Storage bags are useful for storing or transporting your gown. Heel caps protect floors from pointed heels, but they also protect the heels from uneven surfaces. Tattoo cover kits are perfect for hiding visible tattoos that might take away from the beauty of the gown or violate school dress codes. Choose the right accessories for your needs and make your prom a night to remember.