What is the best time to start shopping for prom

With most life events, it's best to start planning early. Prom is no exception. This is a special night, and you want that perfect dress to make the night that much more memorable. It's important to get started looking for a prom dress as early as the New Year. You might even find that starting your search over Christmas break when you have downtime is ideal.

Showing Time

Most designers show their new collections in the spring and fall. By the New Year spring dresses - which are shown in the fall - are appearing in stores. You can look at dresses in the fall, so you have an idea in the New Year of what style you are looking for. Make a list of designers you like, and what styles you might be interested in such as a two-piece or a trumpet skirt. If you have an idea of what you're looking for by the start of the year you may be ahead of the game, and in the perfect position to find the dress you absolutely love.

You want to be seen in a unique dress, a gown that your friends and more importantly that your frenemies aren't wearing. To address this issue, many designers limit the number of dresses made in each style, color and size. This helps reduce the possibility of one of your classmates getting the same dress, but it also makes it crucial for you to find and buy your dress early.

Designer Style

You may fall in love with a specific designer. If that's the case, you will want to watch the individual designer's page. When you see the dress you like, don't wait to commit to it. Supplies really are limited. This may seem an inconvenience, but gowns are really made in limited supply so that there are not duplicates at each prom.

One particular designer, Sherri Hill, gathers a dedicated following. The designer creates fun, flirty and even daring gowns. Styles include two-piece and dresses with cutout sections, plunging V-neck bodices, sheer skirts and very on trend styles. We find that those who like the look are quite serious about the designer. When you are a Sherri Hill Girl, you are a Sherri Hill Girl. These dresses sell out fast - as with many designers - so you should make a decision and buy it.

Plan Accordingly

Prom Headquarters is ready to work with you at each stage of the buying process. We have a simple Online Layaway Plan. Put down 60% of the cost of the gown when you commit, and pay the remaining balance in one to four additional payments. This helps spread the cost over time, but reserves your dress so you have confidence you won't lose the dress you want.

Another reason to buy early is that you need more than just the dress. You need accessories. Prom Headquarters has you covered. Accessories including shoes, evening bags, jewelry and crown tiaras can be found to coordinate with your dress. This way you can get it all in one place, and know that you have all the pieces for the perfect evening.

This is high school's last big event, aside from graduation, and you want it to be memorable. This is your night to shine! Let us help you find everything you need to make prom a spectacular event.