Ragazza Quince

Turn your prom night into a fairy tale with a dress that any princess would envy. Ragazza is a designer from Mexico that has made Quinceañera dresses for nearly 20 years. While some Quinceañera dresses are confections that can come off a little too sweet, Ragazza dresses offer more sophistication, and lots of glamour. Prom versions of Ragazza dresses offer all the glamour of a princess dress but with sophistication that speaks volumes. While prom dresses do differ from the Quinceañera roots of Regazza's design history the Latin influence from this designer adds mystique not found from other designers. The dresses have a unique look that will certainly turn heads.

These are the gowns of every girl's dreams. Many of the gowns are strapless with a fitted bodice and full and flowing skirts puffed up by layers of crinoline. You can make the skirt as voluminous as you like, or tailor it down by using a smaller crinoline bloomer. Such a silhouette will make you the belle of the ball.

Ragazza offers dresses in a parade of colors ranging from bold black, red or gold, to pastels such as pink and blue. You can also find some lovely antique white gowns, and just about any other color you might be looking for. Ragazza dresses mix luxurious fabrics such as velvet, lace, brocades, tulle and silk to give you that perfect sweetheart look. Many of the dresses are embellished with glorious detail such as lace appliqués, beads and sequins. Every detail adds up to an elegant statement. In a dress from Ragazza, any princess will easily be crowned a queen.