Why now is the best time to start prom dress shopping

Mar 3rd 2022

If you're planning on attending prom or simply hoping to be invited (and we hope you'll go whether you have a date or not), you may be wondering about picking out a dress. First, when is a good time to start looking for your dress? You want to find something that fits your style and something that makes you feel and look great.

Prom season begins in the spring and runs through early June, so you might not think about shopping for your prom dress until at least February or so. However, we think it's best to shop for your dress earlier rather than later. Start thinking about it at least as early as January, after the holiday rush, and maybe even as early as October or November after the homecoming season dies down. Here are some great reasons to shop early for your dress:

1. You might not know exactly what you want. Sometimes you have a vision of the dress you want, and then you try it on, and it's just not all that. It happens. That's when it's time to refocus on a different style. You want to give yourself time to browse the different styles and see which one is best for you.

2. You might need alterations. Alterations can take time, and it's best to get them done early if you can. If your dress arrives a couple months before the big day, you have time to get your alterations done right. And if something doesn't fit right the first time, you can have additional alterations done.

3. You can special order dresses. You know that great A-line dress you love - but not in pink? Many times, you can special order a different color or even a different top or optional enhancement, if you have enough time. If you're shopping in May, you likely won't have this option.

4. You'll have time to accessorize your look. Once you're settled on your dress, you can shop for the perfect shoes, jewelry and other accessories. You can also take your time deciding on just the right makeup and hair style.

5. It gives you the upper hand in selection. Not only will you have a greater selection if you're shopping early, but if you have your dress first, you can let your friends know what your dress looks like. You simply have more choices if you're shopping early.

6. You won't pay for rush shipping or alterations. Everything is less expensive when it's not on a rush. If you wait until a month or so before prom, you might find yourself paying higher shipping rates and higher alteration fees for rush jobs.

Prom Headquarters is your one-stop shop for prom dresses and accessories. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes, and we even have plus sizes, for your convenience. You can also shop our array of accessories, including crowns, headpieces, bracelets and shoes. We even have free shipping within the continental United States.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We love to help!