Panoply Prom Dresses for Your Red Carpet Prom

Panoply Prom Dresses for Your Red Carpet Prom

The lights, the cameras, the compliments, we're not just talking about your parents before prom night. A red carpet prom theme is one of the best and requires an above and beyond amazing dress. Live up to the true potential of the fun and glamour theme with a dress from our 2018 Panoply Prom Dresses collection. Not only will you find the dress of your dreams in the Panoply Prom Dresses collection for #prom2k18 but you'll be worthy of a spot on the red carpet yourself!


What should you look for in your red carpet dress?

Your choice in #2018prom Panoply Dresses collection should project your personality to the max. Does your dress say party hard, while you're all about the romance and grace of the night? Your look on prom night should be all about you. You're not about to mimic someone else dress, so recognize the uniqueness that's abundant in your own personality with a dress that reflects that. The easiest way to achieve a true red carpet prom look is to choose a celebrity that resonates with you and your style, and then use her style as a model for your own dress selection.


Demure Grace

You're stately, sophisticated, and ready for it all. If you're looking for the ultimate Anne Hathaway look, then go for the full length, gown style Panoply Prom Dresses. One example of this singular style is the classic Sweetheart Prom Dress, with a full flowing skirt. The one shoulder strap and flowered bodice give it a quaint but refined touch. Look for details in your dress.


Trendy and Cool

Do you dream of being best friends with designers and getting the latest styles? Model your hot look for prom night after an actress like Lea Michele. Just like the tiered skirt boning edge prom formal dress from Panoply, edgy is all about the edges. While you could wear just a short dress, the tiered skirt lets you be revealing, without revealing too much. Find hot and trendy Hollywood inspired designs to your big night.


Ready for the Reality TV

You love the attention, the cameras, the looks and stares. If you idolize the Kim Kardashians, Tila Tequilas, and New York then you'll want to choose a dress from the 2018 Panoply Prom dresses selection that draws all the attention your way. Side cut outs, mermaid bottoms, and open waists let you show it all off.


The Tiffany Designs by House of Wu has a new selection of stunners and with the sophisticated 2018 Panoply Prom Dresses collection.

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