The Ultimate Guide on How to Take Care of Your Prom Dress

The Ultimate Guide on How to Take Care of Your Prom Dress

Posted by PromHeadquarters on Dec 25th 2019

After a long day of school, you are finally on your way home, as you contemplate whether you should start your homework right away or finish binge watching your show, you remember that your PromHeadquaters dress should be arriving today. Then, as soon as you get home, you see that your dress has arrived! You are so excited that you run in, look for that pair of scissors that your mom has kept in that drawer in the kitchen for years, carefully open the box, and try it on!

Now that the dress is here, your Mom reminds you to take good care of it because it’s absolutely beautiful and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to it. Well, we have provided you with some tips on how to take care of your PromHeadquarters dress to ensure that the dress will always look fab:

Before Wearing your Dress

Remove the Wrinkles:

Steam the dress by placing the steamer along the inside of the fabric and gently pulling it down as the wrinkles dissipate. If you do not have a steamer, simply hang the dress in your bathroom, turn the shower on to the hottest temperature, and leave the dress hanging for about 10 minutes. The steam from the shower should remove the wrinkles.

Apply your Beauty Products

Before you put on your dress, apply your makeup, hair products, moisturizers, and deodorants first, to avoid the risk of staining the dress. If you decide to get a spray-tan, do it a few days before the day of your event, to wash off the residue, which will reduce the risk of it getting stained.

Choose your Accessories Wisely

Avoid wearing any kind of accessories that might accidentally get caught in the fabric of your dress. For example, if the dress has sequins or beads, do not wear loose jewelry that could easily snag the fabric.

While Wearing your Dress

Avoid Eating Messy Foods:

Try not to eat any messy or greasy foods such as things like, chicken wings, BBQ, pizza, or anything that will accidentally stain your dress while eating.

Lift your Skirt when Walking

If your dress is longer, lift the skirt when you walk to avoid someone accidentally stepping on your dress.

After Wearing your dress

Read the Tag on your Dress carefully for Cleaning Instructions

You’ll want to clean your dress after wearing it to remove any stains or excess residue. However, read the tag carefully to ensure the best way to clean your dress.

Hang Your Dress on a Hanger

Be sure to use the plastic hanging straps attached to the dress for extra support to ensure that it will stay on the hanger. Then, place it in a cloth garment bag. If you do not have closet space, you can also fold it gently into a box.

Store your dress in a room temperature environment away from Sunlight

Placing your dress in a humid environment may damage to your dress because of the effect that heat and moisture has on fabric, so be sure to place it in a room temperature environment. Also, place it somewhere with little sunlight, as the sun can cause discoloration to the fabric of your dress.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your dress. Be sure to tag us on Instagram in your PromHeadquarters dress for a chance to be featured! 

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