Dazzling Slave Royale Princess Bracelet BR2660

Royale Princess

Dazzling Slave Royale Princess Bracelet BR2660
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Girly and sassy slave bracelet by Royale Princess BR2660. Made in iridescent AB stones and clear rhinestones; adorned with a charming oversized ring in a square design and a thick bracelet contouring the wrist, gently enough for you to wear it gracefully.

  • Colors Available: AB/Silver, AB/Gold


  • Do not wash
  • Do not dry clean
  • Spot clean only by professional cleaner
  • Follow material specification for cleaning instructions (Polyester, Satin, Crepe, Mikado, Tulle, Chiffon, Taffeta, etc.)
  • Remove brooches or other trims before cleaning
  • Do not iron or steam over beads and sequins
  • Light steam only – do not iron over pleats, beads, or sequins

How to care for your dress

  • Do not turn inside out
  • Do not try to clean your dress at home. Spot cleaning should be done by a professional dry cleaner
  • Steaming the dress will remove any wrinkles and allow the dress to return to its natural shape
  • Sunlight causes fading and discoloration. Keep the dress in a dark space.
  • Store your dress by hanging it in a cloth garment bag or in an acid-free box