Prom Guide



Prom is an incredibly important night for almost every high school student. It's the big night that allows you to celebrate the close of your time in high school, and transition to adulthood and college. It's also one of the last times you'll get to spend with your group of high school and childhood friends before moving on to the college, jobs, adventures and a new stage of life. Be sure that you make the most of your prom night by getting prepared with this comprehensive guide from Prom Headquarters.

Choose a Prom Dress

The first and, arguably, most important part of planning for prom is choosing a prom dress. The prom gown is truly what makes you the star of the show on your prom night. One of the most important things to remember about choosing a prom dress is to give yourself plenty of time. You don't want to rush the process and end up with a dress that doesn't suit you or that you don't even like that much. Find a style you like and one that flatters your body.

Prom Headquarters will work with you to help you find the best fit by asking for key measurements. Another great thing about shopping for a prom gown on Prom Headquarters is that all of our stock is online so that you can browse different styles and designers from the comfort of your own home.

Popular 2021 Prom Dress Styles

Follow the latest prom dress trends to make sure that your look is up-to-date for prom 2021. Some of this year's hottest styles include:

Have Your Prom Gown Tailored

Once you've ordered and received your prom dress, you may need to get it tailored to ensure that it fits you like a glove. Many girls will need to have the skirt taken up a bit and other small adjustments made so that the gown is as comfortable as possible on prom night. Take your prom gown to a trusted tailor and allow plenty of time for adjustments to be made. You can also minimize the amount of tailoring needed by making sure to take your measurements before you order your dress. You can get together with one or a few friends to take each other's measurements, and shop online for dresses together at Prom Headquarters.

Find the Right Prom Dress Undergarments

Another important part of choosing a prom dress is finding the right evening gown undergarments to help you achieve the look you want. You'll want to find formalwear undergarments that help smooth your silhouette without peeking out from under low-cut and backless prom dresses. You want to make sure you'll have enough support if you plan on dancing. Pick up an extra pair of hosiery in case you snag a pair while you're putting them on.

Choose Your Shoes and Bag

Now that you've chosen a dress, it's time to choose a great pair of formal high heels and a matching clutch or purse. You have many different options when it comes to choosing shoes for prom. If you want to make sure that your dress is in the spotlight, you can choose a pair of shoes that is the same color as your dress to help them blend in. If your dress is a color that is difficult to match or has a lot of detail, a neutral color such as nude or black also works well for this goal. Alternatively, you can choose a brightly colored or glittery pair of shoes to add a pop of color or sparkle to a simple ensemble. The same principle applies to your prom handbag.

Choose Your Hairstyle

Use the style of your dress to determine what prom hairstyle you'll choose. Show off a backless dress with a traditional up do or let your locks flow with a plunging V-neck. While some hairstyles do look better with certain dress styles, remember to choose the hairstyle that you like best and makes you the most comfortable. It will need to last through the night's activities and be photo ready, as there will be photos taken throughout the night.

Choose Your Jewelry

Pick prom jewelry based on the cut and style of your dress. You want pieces that complement rather than clash with your prom gown's style. Choose dainty jewelry for an intricate and highly embellished dress or flashier jewelry for a simpler frock. The hairstyle that you choose for prom night can also determine which type of jewelry will look best with your outfit. You'll want different earrings and necklaces depending on whether you're wearing your hair up or down.

Choose Your Makeup

Makeup is just one more way to express yourself on prom night. Elegant nights such as these are great opportunities to wear more dramatic makeup than your typical style. Try a lovely smoky eye or winged eyeliner for a touch of drama. You can also match or contrast your makeup with your dress color. If your dress is neutral, it can be fun to wear bright lipstick and nail polish for a pop of color.

Practice Your Look Ahead of Time

Now that you've designed your entire prom look, it's time to test the entire ensemble to make sure it all works together. Put everything on exactly like you will on prom night from the undergarments to the makeup to see if anything needs to be corrected while you still have time. Chances are, everything will be just fine, but you'll want to know if the shoes you picked just aren't working with your dress, or if any additional alterations need to be made.

Decide What to Bring with You to Prom

You have the perfect clutch purse (see above), and now you have to decide what essentials you want to tote in it. Your prom bag is probably small, so you'll have limited space to carry your necessities. Some great emergency provisions that you should carry include extra bobby pins, safety pins, bandages and breath mints. You'll also need to leave space for your lipstick, prom ticket, cellphone, keys and cash.

Make Your Appointments and Reservations

Prom season is a busy time for many local businesses. Make sure that you get all of the time slots you need by making your appointments and reservations with plenty of time to spare. This means that you need to make an appointment at the beauty salon to have your hair, nails and makeup done on the day of prom. You'll also need to make dinner reservations for you and your date or your friends before prom. Book a limo or other transportation that you, your date and friends plan to use. Plan on any after parties you may attend, and how you will get home if your limo time is up before you finish partying.